Camera Stolen, Pontarddulais, Wales.

DSCF2002Yesterday around 6.50pm to 7.20pm a camera of mine ended up being part of a theft. We hear people saying “Do not leave your stuff unattended.” Yet, the camera was stolen with myself near the item that was stolen.

It started with myself at first with me in my flat with the double doors open with the laptop on a table just outside my door with me working on my laptop. As I was doing web designing on the laptop, you know brushing up on the html that I haven’t had time for over the years and trying to learn CSS. I also had my camera with me, which I was filming geoengineering throughout the day as well. I put the camera inside the box (that was shield my laptop from the sun, so I could see the what I was doing on the screen).

I go in around 6.50pm to 7.20pm with the double doors still open, I am less than a meter (basically one leg stride for myself) away from my stuff that is outside.

Then two males approach my place yesterday trying to soften me up and asking am I selling my stuff and so on. I was in no mood and I told them straight “No…”, one goes to his flat and the other stays asks myself can I look for a flat for him. (Remember: all this time, the camera was there before the males came). When he left, I went to go and fix some shelves with a hammer that I was going to some extra nails in to make it stronger with the screws ready in. When I look across as my desk, 5-10 minutes later. I notice my camera was gone, so I went across without thinking to put the hammer down. I went over to the section of flats where I saw the two men go and knocked loudly on the green communal doors to enter onto the property of flats.

I start to walk to away and I spotted one of my neighbours that lives in the same block as me, I ask him “Have you see two males? One old chap and one younger chap walking this direction.” He hadn’t, but he did offer to cycle around the place to see if they had gone out and walked off somewhere. As you 5-10 minutes, that is plenty of time to get rid of the camera, or just hide it somewhere, there was no sign of them.

So I started to think it is time to head back to my flat, then I saw the door opening of one of the two males that came to my flat. I went down to him and the other one was inside the flat as well, I told them I am here to clear something up as my camera gone missing “I am here to just narrow down who got my camera. As you two were near my flat today and the camera went missing around the same time, so I am just eliminating possible suspects.”. Younger one was very helpful, he even said “If you would like, I search my flat and you come in while I am doing…” I thought, okay, as that is the only way eliminate. As the days of “Word is my bond” has long gone and it is a shame, that is why there no trust when people steal just to get money (receipts of paper that for real money, “GOLD!”.).

Camera could not be anywhere to be seen, but there was two places that was not checked, in the pockets of the beings. I was left with one thing to do, that was to call the Police.

Any I phoned the police twice, the first policeman (I know they prefer to be officers these days) was very helpful and tried his best to get to the bottom of it all. When I first phoned I couldn’t remember the camera model was, because I was pissed-off with what had just happened. I told the Police everything, then when I put the phone down, I kept saying to myself “Is it SDC Samsung?” So I went into the back to see if I had the box, yes the box was still there. So I phoned the police back and a Policewoman answered and tried to get me to phone 101, I found it strange to update the information, otherwise the Police will be looking for the wrong camera and probably would come back saying “You wasted Police time, and why didn’t you tell us it was a Panasonic HDC-SD80 camera and not Samsung one you told us?” That’s the reason why I had to make sure all the information and facts was put in place.

I have done posters, which are going up after I done this piece. The thing with the camera, I bought it through money I had off the family over Xmas back in 2012 and I have been using it to film many films to spread awareness to the public with the videos I record uploaded to my youtube channel “Yxantent”. I was going to use the camera to film Pontarddulais carnival again this year, as I missed last year one due to illness, but I have filmed previous ones with another camera I got. Which the camera I have left with these days is only good for taking pictures but poor for filming.

So I have had to order a new one, I hope it comes before the carnival and I can continue filming as well spreading awareness to keep the Wales and UK safe.

Also, when I went back and told them the police might want to have words with them when they come. I told them that I’ve been across and said it looks like it is not there, but it just to ask few questions just in case they see something to let them know. I notice the body language on both and if you are innocent, you don’t have a guilty look on your faces like you just done something wrong.

Update: I phoned the police on 101 and was told they are coming today (14/06/2014), one will see what they make of it all.



When I first started to think about writing about this subject about the unemployed/disabled, there is always going to be those that will throw up stereotypes and demonizing of the unemployed/disabled. We must remember we may use tags to describe what position and level of people are within society, but, we must remember despite the tag of unemployed/disable we are still dealing with human beings. We must not become a tyrant by bossing the vulnerable about or anyone against their will. You and I would not like it if we were forced into a grinder that is what going on here, we are not helping people back into work, we would be definitely sending unemployed/disabled to their deaths.

Remember we are still bound to common law and natural despite people behind the scenes trying to take away natural rights to mankind. Instead we are seeing what Gordon Brown let through into the UK with the Lisbon Treaty at work. Innocent until proven guilty is now gone, we now have in the UK on many levels now including the middle-classes. Guilty until proven innocent which very well would take everyone bit money saved up and in the bank accounts.

Do you still think unemployed are still to blame for debt, despite people behind the mega-corporate scenes trying to make everyone in the UK and World as debt slaves at the very least?

We are really seeing the money being transferred from the poor to the elite. It is the rich taking from the poor to have nothing and no home to live in. Everyone should have a home to live in and basic needs to live. What the government is putting forward is what a tyrant would put forward.

There is also the false perception that there is loads of work out in the job market for people to go and work for a wage, only for the government to use the taxes that is collected to fund false wars. The trouble is that there are too few low paid jobs in the part-time area as well. That is without people fighting over to have 2-3 part time jobs just to survive which means there is very little time to research behind the bullshit the government and the mainstream media is spouting. Yet the cycle of the banking cartels and the monopoly cartels keep sponging off and poisoning the public with propaganda, while the corporate facist police state with a black boot officer to step on a being neck to break it.

Doesn’t matter if you are working as you are also in the sights of Bilderberg Members and other groups to have your money taken away from you, as it is all about unemployed right through to the middle classes to everything taken away from the public to be left with nothing but enslavement with no freedom or rights. So we become reliant on the state 100% as slaves and nothing more or less. Then once we have fulfilled our quota then we be killed off and left on the scrap heap for the rats to come along to feed off the corpses’ that once was in servitude to the state.

You have the other factors, we keep hearing about, we need to keep giving more and more taxes to the bankers (I mean to the criminals).

Interesting how we the public are told to keep handing over the money to the bankers and not any other occupation or to local business that also needs help. I think the truck drivers would like to see just 2% of the money that has been handed over to the banking cartels. As they deliver goods we need for our daily lives to survive, same as the van drivers and so on. That is without bringing in other services that we always see in the mainstream news.

I want to bring up as well as a quick point, if the money in the bank is ours, why is there a limit on our money with the banks?

I want to also mention these Welfare reforms will put many people who have built up independent lives to go back living with their parents, then if there is spare room owner of the place will be forced charge a cost for the room. That is if they parents are still alive, while giving up most of equipment behind to only be left on the scrap heap for the council to come and through on to the rubbish heap.

Example: Somebody using the money off the state to put them through a course, while also building a computer to have some way of doing CV’s and letters from home, then building a website from home, then setting up a net-radio station to tell the truth of what really going on in the world, researching every day to make sure we keep freedom and keep pushing back tyranny. Warning people about the poisons in our food/water supply. Designing t-shirts, cups, mouse mats and as well as other products for free. Yet the government say the unemployed is lazy, this being is unemployed and does more than most people in paid work.

We are also seeing the demonizing of cash to be used on daily basis with adverts now being used to promote “IF YOU CARRY CASH, YOU MAY BE A TERRORIST”. As we know carrying cash is not being a terrorist act but allot of bollocks created by the banking cartels and co. To have more control over the money we earn, or need to live on to help people with disability needs. It is really all about wanting us all to be on a card / token scheme to be tracked by the state. Hence all these new pushes towards loyalty cards, banks cards and credit cards as they can be tracked through the payment we make. Don’t forget the cards are chipped already, we must not forget the RFID chip is being used to track people at the moment on false precautions.

We also got Monsanto, who would like to have their GMO seed spread across all over the world and, that will bring about more sick people. As we would see shrinkage of the brains, organ failure and other things that is not being talked about that is causing ill-health. Don’t get me started on the chemtrails / geoengineering, that is also having a affect on people health to with Mongellons. I must also point out.

What is going on we have gangster-banking-cartel with politicians being the front of what is really going on behind the scenes of the economic system. We have people working on the financial exchanges in the city of London and Wall Street using the public money as if they are at Las Vegas playing on the Roulette wheels but, on a much larger and on much larger scale of annihilation proportion of people bank accounts and any other finance income people think they have safely saved up.

I am surely shocked, how gullible people are, just believing everything that comes out of the tube in the corner or establishment press. I thought people would rather have many different sources and angles on important issues that affect everyone.

What myself and many people I talk to are seeing is history repeating again, this time we got a mass public ignoring the warnings and prefer to sit to have a orgasm with shows like X-factor, instead of checking out the information over people have been researching about. The excuse people use is “Your conspiracy theorist”, “Show me the evidence” and “That’s not really happening” when in reality they are too lazy to go researching it for themselves while putting they heads up one ass.

So if you are paying your taxes right now, you will have to go and take yourself to a police station. That goes for the Police with any other being in authority to, as under Kellog-Briand Pact 1928 and Charter Nuremberg everyone that pays taxes while a country is being the aggressor which the UK is being in present knowledge of 2003 events, as we saw false information taking the UK to war against Iraq which has now moved on to have countries on false pretences to only take resources for the mega-corporations. We are also seeing children and innocent people being killed by taxes funding for the military to have equipment, while the military is under corporation controlled, we will keep seeing more and more genocide tactics on other countries. It will come home to roast and we are seeing it day by day.

Research what is going on and stand up today.

Ask the following:

Why ain’t they any jobs for the mass unemployed we got?

Who is poisoning the food and water supply to cause more illness across the world?

Why are people causing genocide still within the UK / US / Other countries?

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We are now seeing the demonizing of people using money through the means of ready cash instead of using the credit card, trying to get people to go around mindlessly reporting on people, instead of growing a sack and standing up against the bull that we are being or been educated within the schools by the establishment without question. Please note, have you notice when you question against the establishment view despite you got evidence to prove the information you were taught is wrong, and you end up with a stupid look empty look with your wrong with no prove one is wrong?

Remember: We are suppose to work with nature to keep the beauty on the planet for others to enjoy as well as for ourselves without taxing one another.

When nature provides the food to eat and water to drink, why do we need supermarkets to provide food / liquids to us that has poisons in them that just damages the human being?

There’s no need for cash, credits cards or anything that the banking cartels try to offer us in their perverted agenda to control mankind and the earth. We have been paying a penance to monetary religious council system with penance of money to keep bringing more control over us the people of the world with the police state. When really we need to get away from this system of consumerism  and only take what you truly need and not what you think you need. As nature will provide the materials you, as in, what if you want a table that will last years? Then you go and get oak or a good timber to build a table that will last for years and then you will not need to buy another table for years, whilst leaving the other trees to grow for furture generations to use and they probably do the same, as long we teach the ways of living in balance with the earth. Then we should always have plenty to eat, plenty of materials and can live in luxury. When we live out of balance then we will see hunger, decay and poverty.

This is where I think we are at with the elite of the world that are trying to have everything for themselves but destroying they innerself and trying to destroy humanity inner-self while leaving many in to poverty.  That why we have so many wars with leaders leading people into war like cattle that thinks it is doing good to free others from tyranny like the military we see today. We have seen other centuries many good people being used for political and economic agenda’s through false wars.

Wars I find are dumb and stupid, as well with governance over people too. Sticking to wars, we all know with wars there are bombs and bloodshed. Just by that little bit there I should not have to go on, but with many people in a deep sleep to what going on I will expand only a little bit.

By having these wars that keep blowing our beloved earth up with poisons that come from Atomic bombs with the amount of nuclear radiation, as many of know makes it radioactive with that then becoming useless for a period of time. I must ask this question, why then to we go around blowing the shit out of this planet while spilling the innocent blood of people and life on this planet? Could be the banking cartels? Could it be the bilderbergs? Could it be the CFR? and so on. Many of you reading this will know, but many have been to busy being fucked by the political system and the Elite plus being extra mind fucked by the mainstream media that spills out propaganda on many issues.

Now this demonizing of money is just plain ridiculous as it is this system that got us hooked on the stuff to trade with illusion of money being the lifeline. When nature is the true lifeline of the life that lives on the planet, why are we bowing down to false gods? When we are all gods to ourselves. It is strange.

This terrorism lark that is going on,, is no than a big false flag as some of us have now realized.  The only terrorist I see is the elite and political leaders being terrorist to the public and the nations of the world.

If cash is wrong to have in ones pocket. Why was money invented in the first place then? Bloody stupid to be honest.

We need to quickly realize that the elite have been taking the piss out of the public from day one and continue to the present day over thousands of years.Remember we are the resistance as this Former CIA Agent’s Message says to America and we have had our own with Anna Machon (Ex-MI5 Agent).

The banking cartels and other cartels like Big pharma are part of causing all the chaos we see today in the world, but we must aware what going and must stop feeding the corruption that is going on.Time to awake and research what going on.


For years many people on benefits have been having problems with ATOS/DWP and that would be understatement to the way people with disabilities have been treated. As for years now the DWP medical assessment would be laughable if it w asn’t so serious on how it affects so many people lives.

That what I think many people who have not had a disability don’t realize with just going to work and only worrying about the bills and having enough money to keep a roof over one head for yourself or you have a family to look after.

What if you have a disability? You have the bills and all that comes to living in the UK as well as the abusive DWP/ATOS with their non-caring attitude to another human being. Many people on benefits for are waiting for the ESA (Employment & Support Allowance) or as I call it the Euthanasia Setup Agenda. As it is only to cause more people that is on benefits to go through the false medical assessments that many people with disabilities that affect them to be told that they have not got the benefit. Despite the human being with the disability has got serious cancer problems, despite the human being with the disability is crawling along the floor to get anywhere, despite there are days the human being with the disability one day can look fine then the next day is in bed in pain and paralysed state that can lead up to days in bed.

Computer Weekly did an article in 2005 that DWP give money through a contract to Atos Origin of £500 million and also the contract can be extended which will take it over £850 million which will only go to the company for over a 12 year period (insert link here). As many people of the public in the working class without disabilities would rather stick their heads up their arses and blame the unemployed for the mess then they would be wrong with the debt of the country would not go away as it not the unemployed fault for the state of the United Kingdom and the world.

We need to get behind our disabled people otherwise the next group of people that will be the next target is the low and middle working classes.

What people need to know that in some locations the assessment is also done not on the ground floor but the human being with disability has to climb up stairs as sometimes the elevators are sometimes are not working. This therefore leaves disable people to crawl up the stairs in agony and pain as well as other problems that one faces later on. As just by going up the stairs no matter if you have lost breathe and other problems you had getting up the stairs with people supporting you to get up those stairs. You can still lose your benefit to have any quality life, like people in Swansea who have to go up to the 4th floor to have assessment therefore you are off to failing medical before you even get to the reception. As well there no wheel chair access at the one in Swansea where I am from, and yet it supposed to be a disabled assessment centre.

This sort of thing is going on up and down the country for disabled people.

Atos Origin has so many links to other companies and is not just behind DWP and with a company that has so many links even with 2012 Olympics that is in London that will be on next year. This company in article had some reference with Goldman Sachs and the Rothchilds. As Goldman Sachs and Rothchilds is the ones part of bringing of devaluing the sovereign economies around the world. That is without going into depth about the bilderbergs meeting and the history.

As Atos Origin, Thales and Rockwell Collins all part of the L22 tactical data link in the Link 22 Unit Controller and Interoperability Demonstrator (LUCID) was successfully passed interoperability tests. Also the LUCID system was designed and built by Atos Origin, Thales and Rockwell Collins these 3 got awarded a contract by French Armament procurement agency DGA. (More info Click here)

By the attitude of Atos Origin in the way they don’t care about the people with disabilities, one would not be surprise the company would not mind pushing people off the edge of cliff to help with cutting benefit spending while Atos Origin takes the money through contracts from people taxes. Is this what the government means by helping disable people by handed the disable people over to Euthanasia Companies?

Is this ESA assessment part of de-population agenda reduction down by 80% that the elite wants? If this is to be true, then who next after the disabled people the working class?

Atos Origin are actually making people lives worse by cutting people benefits for DLA and Incapacity Benefit which many need to have some level of quality of life.

While David Cameron can go down to Africa to do Trade mission down there with his able body and don’t have to worry about the corrupt procedures of Atos Origin. David Cameron should get off his white puppet arse and stop being yellow to match his yellow tea pouring friend to deal with Atos Origin by getting DWP to cancel contracts between Atos and DWP. The money that was given to Atos from DWP for the contract should be given back as passed to the disable people as compensation for all the hassle and wrecking people lives that needs the benefit.

As we know if it was one of politician member of the family that was being abused by Atos, the politician would be coming down hard on Atos Origin.

Atos has links through Project Nile is linked or has some reference with Nato, any company that has any military backing should not be behind DWP or any government organization, especially the Benefits side (when really the term benefits means do as you told, as there no benefit side to it).

This is just a brief to draw attention to what goes on with DWP and ATOS Origin, as ATOS Origin has also got a contract with VODAPHONE.

There is a youtube video with being channel called AfterAtosAssessment shows that Atos does not care about the people they are dealing with.

As Atos does not used experienced medical people and yet these people override GP’s medical assessments, that to me down right criminal.

Atos only believes that by disability doesn’t affect ones function but yet that what disability means as it affects ones function to do everyday chores/work.

Atos are a demonic corrupt mafia company that needs to be prosecuted for negligence at least.

In closing, we need to know what else Atos Origin is into and the question or questions we need to ask the following, what is Atos Origin true agenda? Are you connected in any way with the Rothschilds, Goldman Sachs and other Groups that against members of the public? Does Atos Origin thinks it has more right over tax payers money than disabled people do that needs the help?

In addition: If you are using natural medicines that have been around thousand of years before the types of medicines we got today that has next to no side affects are not taken into account. As natural medicines can help people bodies much more than just blocking as the medication that you would get from a GP that gets prescribed to you. As the tablets are only to block and manage instead of using the natural medicines and herbs that have many more benefits than pills from your local GP gives you. Devils Claw for example is good for arthritis but yet people are not told about it which does help with arthritis from personal experience, but also get your GP advice before using any medicine that is natural or synthetic. This is one of the issues Atos ignores as the company seems to be a heartless comodity.

These are just some of the questions we need to ask, also check out the articles below. Don’t forget people who are disability benefits would rather be working in an office or gardening if they bodies would let them. As well as those with disabilities that do work would not be able to work if the help was not there.Those that think the unemployed are to blame for financial crisis of Britain, then you are wrong, it is the banking cartel that robbing the UK blind and the public.

Additional information Contract can indeed be extended in 2015 and Atos are likely to be chosen to conduct assessments for the new Universal Credit also if this contract is extended.

Thank you, I say don’t take my word for it, do your research and you will see. Mainstream media will never tell you to do your research because they are hiding the truth from you.

Take care, peace, love and respect to you all. Here the resoruce links external sites and some information who else they deal with:

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Also please help by signing the petition Click Here for website Disabled People against cuts.

Don’t forget to do your own research.


Feel Free to debate about yourselves as this to make people think
In Wales we got allot of people probably jumping for joy about having Welsh Assembly getting more illusion powers for Wales to govern and make laws for Wales. I do find it strange we want more powers for Wales, why not for the people of land mass called Wales stand up and be the being you meant to be and not person? Then automatically when the people, men/women of land mass called Wales is free. That is when we will see the true power of the people and not in some document that gives the illusion we have powers in the Assembly.

So before anyone gets carried that Welsh Assembly got more powers to create laws and more, first we got to tackle the banks who are the ones calling the shots. We do not need any more legal powers in Wales or any of the land throughout the UK. As we have the best system or laws in the UK and that is common law.

As under the legal process we have seen many politicians throughout the land not listening to the people of the British Isles. That is why we are seining many protests under Magna Carter 61 of lawful rebellion going on up and down the country. As we the people who are lawful abiding citizens unlike many politicians, judges and other authorities.

Though we still need to get hold of those that are still honest, decent, and truthful are willing to uphold the law to step up and bring the corruption to an end. That is why we need to work with not against the Police to bring true justice to the land by upholding the laws of common law across the land, while making sure legalese courts go out the window as they are only there for profit and nothing else.

So if we are going to see a true change in Wales we the people must stand up and take back our lands peacefully and working with our neightbours across the bridge to bring law and order across the lands of the United Kingdom. We will have our freedoms and break the shackles of the police state.

No more false elections and other false promises by ministers that promise us the heavens and earth only to have our families killed in false wars. While the politicians no more than treat our beloved family members as chess pieces on a chessboard to be killed off because the leaders of the country are cowards.

It time to break the illusion as the banks are in control of the governments and courts are no more than another word for banks. It time to wake up and see what really going on. Did you know council tax is illegal? Check out the UK Column website and the TPUC website. Also listen very carefully to the video, is he talk to the people or about corporate gain only for the elite.

How can the whole Wales be United when only 37.2% of Wales voted and 22% of that said yes, so yet again it the small percentage gets it way for the rest of the nation through corrupt tactics. So before Ieuan Wyn Jones goes off and say Wales has spoken with one voice, I think he needs to stop being disillusion as only 37.2% voted and to me is not the whole of Wales as there still 62.8% of people that did not have they say. So we still need to have a revote but votes can be rigged.

Ramble To Release some Steam


One thing I have notice since my time on this planet from the time I was born into this world while government tricked my parents to sign me over to them, when I was a baby. When I got older I got to know there was a receipt called the Birth Certificate to show I was purchased by the state through a contract. A day in my childhood came where I saw the world for the way it is truly is which shook me to the core. I have grown up to never trust the government and to make sure there no secrets behind them that should harm us.

When I was younger I was introduced to books by my family and from there I read upon something that would make me doubt the UK government and the US government. The Lusitania event which I do recommend to people to read and get hold of the true version of events what happen that time. The governments of the UK, US and Germany planned a way to get the American people into the war from 1909 onwards. When I read that it spoke to me and made me to question and the question goes like this. What if today government is the same today as back then, then why should I work for a murdering government? I was told throughout my life I am a bright intelligent person, which I find an insult to be called a person. As person is a fiction name to use within a book, I was offspring of my family and now a man of common law.

I have always thought that we all should be growing our own food not to be reliant on supermarkets so much and we would save more money by growing our own food. I believe we should not be dependent on the government so much for us to exist on this world. I enjoy being in the garden one form or another but I recently purchased 10,000 seeds to go the extra mile and stay off from buying from supermarkets as much as I can. As not everyone can grow they own food so supermarkets should make sure that all the foods are not contaminated in any way at all, that the one who is buying the food is not getting dodgy food just for pathetic profits. We are going into GMO food which is an insult and a crime towards natural way of life.

What I see is that the government has no power or authority any more but more of living in a fantasy world thinking it better than the public. When really these idiots think solving a problem through means of war is the only solution. To be honest going to war to blow things up and kill people is absolutely stupid and pathetic. Same as trying to make statues for businesses to con the people is absurd and to get the public to agree to represent a fictional character. That explains why there so much fantasy within business, banks and governments.

When you hear people saying because we can make/print money you can’t do the same. To me that is stupid and pathetic with a psychotic selfish attitude towards a fellow being. When really a human got a right to print whatever they want to if the truth to be told. As no God had said that you must or must not copyright material on earth, when material and ideas come out of experiencing surroundings around you and also through dreams. That means do idea can be copyrighted as it all part of life and therefore anything that materializes into our worldly domain should always enrich life by not being kept away so it can’t be viewed unless you pay which then defeats the idea of being free to see for free.

The Police are not Police anymore it like watching aggressive zombies with some of them who just do and don’t really know what going on behind the scenes that making up rules for society and not laws. There is a difference laws are here before mankind got here and anything else that mankind brings to the table after is no more than pieces of paper with fiction. We can recognize that laws like freedoms are natural like freedom of speech, freedom to create, freedom to populate, freedom to obtain material for free, freedom to better one self and many more. When a Police Officer that what they are today are officers part of a company and not of a natural order. When the Police are suppose to be protecting common law and not corporate rules. As the corporate are destroying the natural order of life to bring about synthetic way of life and the big agenda is to kill most of the human race through depopulation agenda. While also making the Police lap dogs for the companies to feel safe to take away the frontline services pensions for themselves but yet the uniform custom has blinded them what the duties are to be and not what be implemented.

There is no law that you can’t film, photograph or record the police in any way. One of the reasons is as follows, how we know that the being in the uniform that becomes a fictional character is a terrorist in disguise? That is why nobody is excluded from filming or documenting in anyway but we are excluded from being arrested when filming as we are doing our civil duty about bringing the truth.

What do I think is going on when a Police officer not a Policeman/woman does not want a picture taken or being recorded? When I was growing allot Police duties were not forced into the corner so much by the government and did not have targets until I reached around 18 years old. The rules for the Police have changed to take away freedoms on false pretences there for freedoms are being criminally taken away from the public without the public knowing. When you take photos of Police today they feel guilty on what is going on as they probably know they are committing crimes themselves on a sub conscience level because common laws are screaming at them on a true logic level.
What Police don’t know by them restricting public rights or supporting indirectly to public/human rights, the police are making they own family and themselves through retirement to be and become criminals because of what going behind the scenes of the Government blanket to cover the true criminals with the power and wealth to bring about dictatorship. While the Police, Military and other groups are helping to bring an end to freedoms for the human race which is a sad time in human history to keeps epoch of slavery going. Life on the planet should be a natural order with freedom of development through technology or without technology. Technology we must understand is natural development to and must be used for good with truth for non-destructive means at all times.

When I see the decaying of liberty and freedom while hearing people saying that it would be good for the police to bring shoot first ask question later without thinking it could be them that the police could be shooting at without thinking, that is why liberty and freedom is being eroded through people thinking because they think that tick boxes of doing good is being ticked when really you are ticking the boxes to be detained and killed without even knowing it.

The UK government does not care about the public people anymore and same goes for most governments around the world. Power has got corrupted moral judgements to support your fellow being to survive for the whole human race and other life on the planet to continue on going forward.

Instead we have a dictatorship trying to keep the human race as slave race, while the disease I mean the elite are trying and pretty close to succeeding on mass murder to genocide on the human race.

When you got groups like the following makes you think what going on in the world that without Codex Alimentarius, World Health Organization that not for health, World Trade Organization which is not for trade and that means research is the key to find out what going on.

Skull & Bones:

Bohemian Club

FREDERICK W. SMITH (Founder of FedEx)
Austan Goolsbee (Obama’s Chief Economist)
William F. Buckley Jnr (Founder National Review)
Dana Milbank (Political Reporter For Washington Post).
Colin Powell
Henry Kissinger
George Herbert Walker Bush
David Gergen
Donald Rumsfeld
Kenneth Starr
Walter Cronkite

Snippet of Bilderberg Members:


Tony Blair
Kenneth Clarke
Margaret Thatcher
Peter Mandelson
Prince Philip
Queen Beatrix
George H.W. Bush
Dick Cheney
David Rockefeller
Colin Powell
Time Warner

When I was younger you could criticise the government for over stepping its mark because the public was the ones that would hold the government to account more than compared to what we got today. In my days as a kid Common Law was more apparent as most of the things I use to say which was not offensive in anyway turn out to be today to be offensive in some degree today.
I have been brought up to be self efficient away from government control but people today are looking towards government more and more for answers instead of using their own brains to work out the problem for an answer for themselves.
It is like government is becoming a religion to a degree and the MPs have become the demigods while the people behind the scenes like the Bilderbergs and others partners are like becoming Gods. Only god can call himself god not a human being who is psychotic genocide bastard to put it on a level without being harsh.

Talking to people around me think that the vote counts these days, when you vote with an X you are saying you can’t read or write to be honest. I don’t vote anymore but that doesn’t mean somebody else can use my vote. I go down and put on the paper don’t insult me. I believe that humanity should be free to do whatever they want as long it benefits the human race and also does not cause harm on individual level to. We must continue to get rid of draconian measures that will always keep controlling humanity to the level of slavery as we have seen in many points throughout history.

I believe the time of slavery is now coming to an end with the fight to keep ourselves free to explore new worlds and new dimensions of reality. Where I think we will create, discover, relate and many avenues that we cannot comprehend now until we go fourth through the awakening of humanity to join what the life itself through time and space with depth has got to offer to become a better race. Instead of being this society that goes about living within a shell that thinks to its’ self as worthless while leaving others to control to dictate their existence.

I notice even teachers today at falsifying information to kids to a degree instead of putting out the truth of history. One example when I was younger I saw Chenobyl disaster on television and it said it came from Ukraine and the fallout went into Russia and Belarus. A teacher from Pontarddulais said the disaster happened in Belarus and would not move to teach the correct version of events. When you look on the Map you can see that Chenobyl is in the Ukraine area where the disaster happened.

I remember going to town with £5 ($9.2) in my pocket and would get on a bus by asking for a return which was about £1.20 ($2.2) and still have enough money to get something to eat and stuff. These days you be lucky to buy sugar mice sweets out of £5. Allot of items that I knew were very cheap been push up with lack of quality for the people to have when the people go out to buy. At the basic level we getting less by spending more for crap that why things don’t last as long these days.

I find today governments as anal sniffing dwellers for more power by screwing the people just wanting to live the lives they have got without fools dictating to them. There are too many people sticking their noses in where it should not be and should back off to let people grow into mature beings. Instead of being a controlling fuckwit that has no clue on how life really grows when left alone to nurture by the nature of its surroundings without pricks bringing wars to the door steps.

What I think has happened is we have governments and media focus on the bad points of humanity so long that we have forgotten the beauty of life and our hearts are corrupted by useless pieces of drawing paper. When gold and silver are the true sovereign for the people to have and we are true sovereigns to us and nobody else. We must unite as a community and solve our own problems before we talk about other communities. It by fixing the problems in little pieces that will make a country great again instead of trying to implement one solution for all the problems as it doesn’t work as I should know from my youth. When you put a solution to problem it meant for it will work but if you put a solution to the wrong problem you will create more problems a dead being got more common sense that this government/banks have got.

There no pulling together communities anymore but yet we got this big society proposal from the coalition saying it is a good idea when in fact it is a form of Nazism and will fail. When you look into allot of companies you got officers and not just basic working titles. It only a title end of the day which people put on their costumes to become the character and that all it is. It about time we closed the book on a fictional society and brought a real society where humanity is free to do what they want without being a slave to others. We must make sure that we keep public tightly into a community atmosphere instead of splitting everyone up, make sure our police and all the frontline services serve the public and make sure pensions don’t get lost again. We must not lie about history to our young and must be role models of truth, respect and honour. As what we got in government are lies, deceit, back stabbing with control by the three line whip in a so call democratic country? We must pull out of the EU to save £60 billion from the EU and focus on trading with the world and pull out of international banks. We must trade back into solids like silver and gold as example. We must stay as a sovereign state and more. I always want the liberty bell to ring alloud across the land for people in the UK to be free. Continue reading

Bill Gates – The most EVIL man on the planet

Bill Gates gave an interview recently and he stated in it that anyone who engages in anti vaccine efforts is “killing children!”

The Elite are becoming so very desperate. They brand people who have researched Climate Change and Climategate – DENIERS, they call you a racist if you disagree with Obama on ANYTHING and now Bill Gates is calling you a “Child killer” for looking beyond the propaganda on vaccines!

Please look into what I am saying before you just have a go…!